• Hosting the summer enrichment Mawhiba Programs 2019

    Published Date : 01/08/2019 07:12 AM

    The summer enrichment Mawhiba programs 2019, provided by King Abdulaziz and Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, has started in Saudi Arabia for some talented students studying in the elementary and intermediate stages. Manarat Al … more

  • One of Maarif aims is to enable students to learn and achieve goals at a high level. In addition, Maarif schools try to prepare the students to participate in the various national and international contests. Consequently, Maarif students represented … more

  • Maarif Scholarship for Gifted Students

    Published Date : 01/08/2019 06:52 AM

      In its endeavor to build the country and its renaissance through nurturing the gifted students according to its vision in "preparing innovators to participate in improving the society", reinforcing its mission through "creating a motivating … more

  • In the framework of the partnership with King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, Maarif offers a discount for the gifted students at 50 % at Manarat Al Dammam Schools, Nour Al Islam Schools and Jeddah Schools. … more

  • Maarif Schools have achieved leading positions at the kingdom level in the aptitude and achievement tests: Manarat Al Riyadh schools for boys have won the fourth place in the aptitude test and the eighth place in the achievement test at the kingdom … more