King Abdullah University of Science and Technology "KAUST" selects future scientists from Manarat Al-Riyadh schools

Published Date : 17/08/2020 01:31 AM

MAARIF for education and trainings schools are keen to provide dedicated programs to support their talented students that qualify them to be future leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Manarat Al Riyadh schools are constantly working on the global presence of their students by providing them high-quality educational services supporting them to be accepted in the most prestigious international universities.

Four of our students who graduated from Manarat Al-Riyadh have been accepted for KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) scholarship program (KGSP) for the most prestigious American universities for their bachelor's degree.

KAUST scholarship Program (KGSP) is a fully funded scholarship that gives outstanding Saudi students the opportunity to continue their undergraduate studies in science and engineering outside the Kingdom.

KAUST awards this competitive scholarship to approximately 135 Saudi students upon the completion of their secondary school studies, a scholarship duration of up to six years.

Through this scholarship, students join their Saudi peers who study in the prestigious universities in the USA and enjoy a unique and comprehensive opportunity to enrich and develop during their studies.

Abdullah Al-Fawaz, Jamal Mahmoud, Khaled Al-Ajran             and Meshaal Al-Ruwaished expressed their great happiness for being accepted in the most prestigious American universities, their success stories, process of preparation, the projects and the researches that were presented until they obtained this scholarship.

Education experts at Manarat Al-Riyadh schools indicate that these talented students are future scientists in KSA, and our schools are happy to be part of their academic journey and we eagerly look forward to their accomplishments in the years to come.