Maarif for Education Honors Retired General Supervisors

Published Date : 02/07/2020 11:32 AM

With the beginning of the next academic year, the General Supervisor bid farewell to the schools of Manarat Al- Madina schools, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Ghabban, and the General Supervisor of Manarat Al-Riyadh Schools, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Majali,  Maarif for Education for reaching retirement age, they have all our thanks, appreciation and gratitude. You have achieved the message, and recorded the fingerprints attested by reports and actions, and these achievements will remain testimonies forever.

 Mr. Mahmoud Al-Ghabban, the former general supervisor of Manarat Al- Madina schools, said that I was honored to be a member of Maarif for Education family to serve people of Al-Madina during the last period. Finally, I extend my sincere thanks to all those who I have been honored to working with them, starting with the CEO, directors, general supervisors and employees of Manarat Al -Madina.

 Also, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Majali, the former general supervisor of the Manarat Al Riyadh schools, expressed his pleasure: I would like, to extend to you all the employees of the Manarat Al Riyadh schools my sincere thanks, gratitude, appreciation for supporting me during my work as a general supervisor of Manarat Al Riyadh schools.

And I ask Allah to grant you all success, and this ancient institution.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Arfaj, Executive Director of Maarif for Education and Training, explained: "We are continuing to achieve more educational achievements in light of the presence of new field leaders to manage Manarat Al Riyadh schools and Manarat Al Madinah Schools "

 He stressed that all Maarif schools for education are working diligently to complete all the preparations to provide education and learning opportunities for all our children during COVID19 pandemic or after the COVID19 pandemic and our teachers and students are able to make success, raise the flag of excellence and achieve the top positions in all local and international competitions.